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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2013-10-09

Today marks the anniversary of the first battle of the Spice Wars. It is also the day of the great pumpkin tragedy in West Seagulshire. Thinking of pumpkins, we will discuss them in the garden. And it is the Feast Day of Saint Salatius.


Be Safe, and Stay Out of Trouble.

One Response to The Hidden Almanac for 2013-10-09

  1. I do adore this show, thank you both for bringing it out.
    The oh-so-prosaic and comforting tone of “Reverend Mord’s” voice as he comes out with the most puzzling or horrific things, including the increasingly destructive interactions between certain sponsors… Well done, sir!

    If the pumpkins are ripening, isn’t it a bit late to suggest pinching off blooms? And I sincerely hope someone who grew a giant squash in the 1800s has NOT been heard from recently…

    A prevention of interspacial portals is always good, but remember to warn folks about harvesting the pumpkins before they turn vampire! Or… is that going to be one of the “on this day in (year X) the village of (maybe Echo Harbor, where they seem to have some Very Odd Practices?) was devastated by the vampire pumpkins in the field of…” sort of thing in a few months?

    I’m also curious. Is your library (or some library) actually sponsoring this, or are we going to be treated to a cliff hanger serial on people missing after visiting libraries, interspersed with the … er, other sporadic sponsors, as opposed to Red Wombat Teas?

    I eagerly await Friday’s episode to Find Out More!


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