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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2016-02-15

Today we have guests in the studio: Jared Axelrod and J.R. Blackwell, who have come in search of arcane knowledge. It is the Feast Day of the Striped Stag, and in the garden, now would be a good time to refresh the soil. If it were warm. Which it isn’t.

Be Safe, and Stay Out of Trouble.

This episode stars special guests Jared Axelrod and J. R. Blackwell from The Voice of Free Planet X. You can hear Rev. Mord and Pr. Drom on their season two premier episode for the rest of the story!

Updated to include the proper intro/background music – Intern Steve

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  1. No entry theme music! Threw me for a minute there. Happy Lupercalia.

  2. Thank you Intern Steve.


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