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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2017-01-09

I may be in trouble, since Mord appears to have come home early. Oh well. It is the Feast Day of St. Pippiver, and so we’ll talk about sausage, one of my favorite subjects.

Be Safe, and Have a Great Day!

3 Responses to The Hidden Almanac for 2017-01-09

  1. Nice to have known you, Pastor: we hope your next life will be full of happiness! 7@=Q

  2. Doesn’t Pastor Drom sign Rev. Mord’s checks?

    Also, Mord can’t kill her, she’s supposed to be martyred to Corvis Rex or something. Unless it’s Mord who’s going to carry out the martyring.

    I wonder if Drom might have seen this coming and put something in her will considering the ownership of the station that might make Mord think twice about killing her.

    Oh well, we’re going to miss you P. Drom.

  3. I do not think Mord has such ‘short and sharp’ designs on Drom… a long and very stern talking to, removal of alcohol privileges and banishment to her bunker, maybe? Nah, the alcohol ban would be too harsh… likely just the other two…. ;-)


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