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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2017-02-13

Today Pastor Drom has returned, with a question, and some vague details about an incident.

Be Safe, and Remember : You Are Not Alone.

2 Responses to The Hidden Almanac for 2017-02-13

  1. Sprouts?!?!?

    Drom… you have let us down… you got distracted by Reanimated Gerbils!

    If only my brain could find the link between the Father’s and Reanimted Gerbils…. errr, I mean Mord’s Sprouts… I’d also qualify as a Miracle Worker!

    Flippin’ heck…. now all I can think about is Zombie Gerbils in a pub!

  2. I wonder if pastor Drom has had any dealings with Helen Narbon. If anyone knew a way to raise up dead gerbils, it would be Helen Narbon.

    Also, don’t trust any knot company that leads off with square knots. They’re like the Pinto of knots. If a store don’t carry a decent eight knot, don’t waste your time shopping there. They’ll just leave you dangling at the end of your rope.


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