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The Hidden Almanac

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The Hidden Almanac for 2019-06-12

Today we recall a cataloging error that had dire consequences. It is the Feast Day of St. Lou, and in the garden, there is crowing.

Be Safe, and Remember: You Are Not Alone.

2 Responses to The Hidden Almanac for 2019-06-12

  1. “Librarians are the secret masters of the world. They control information. Don’t ever piss one off.”
    ―Spider Robinson

  2. “Oh, I could climb the very highest Himalayas;
    Be among the greatest ever tennis players;
    Win at chess, or marry a princess, or
    Study hard and be an eminent professor;
    I could be a millionaire;
    Play the clarinet, travel everywhere;
    Learn to cook; catch a crook;
    Win a war and write a book about it;
    I could paint the Mona Lisa;
    I could be another Caesar;
    Compose an oratorio that was sublime:
    The door’s not shut on my genius, but
    I just don’t have the time…”
    – Flanders & Swann, “The Sloth” 7@=Q


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